anniAnni Philp

Anni Philp and Rosanna Worsdworth met not long after Anni was diagnosed with breast cancer. Anni made the courageous decision to embark on a complex, holistic course of action instead of the orthodox treatment. That was twelve years ago.

A specialised diet of organic foods, including traditionally fermented foods such as sauerkraut and whey, became part of her protocol and played a significant role in her healing. She found that as well as enhanced vitamin and mineral content, fermented food added natural probiotics (good bacteria) to the digestive system which greatly enhances the immune system… a must when you have a serious disease to fight. Meditation, yoga and several other natural healing modalities, combined with support from family, friends and the Maleny community gave Anni a comprehensive healing path.

An earlier career as a hairdresser had led Anni on travels overseas and to work as a volunteer on a Kibbutz in Israel. Here she was introduced to a more self sufficient style of living. On returning to Australia, Anni married and lived in The Whitsundays where Permaculture became a passion, leading to the implementation of organic community gardens, environmental activism and a commitment to conservation and social equity.

After completing a Diploma of App Science in Horticulture, the Cooperative movement in the town of Maleny in Queensland beckoned. During 1998 Anni moved there, working as a WWOOFER (Willing Worker On Organic Farms) then with ‘Barung Landcare’ and the local Community Cooperative Café and Wine Bar.

Anni now presents ‘LifeSalsa’ health and wellbeing workshops, promoting her book and DVD ‘Healing Cancer Naturally’. She and friend Rosanna have recently produced the teaching DVD ‘Fabulous Food Ferments’.

Anni strongly encourages people to empower themselves by taking an active role in their personal health and wellbeing and to aim for a more balanced style of living.

rosannRosanna Wordsworth

I live with my partner Pete in a house with solar panels that feed power back into the grid. We have fresh filtered tank water, a must when making fermented produce.  We live on a suburban block with raised garden beds full of herbs and vegetables. We have a worm farm and compost bin to recycle all kitchens scraps. Fresh eggs are provided by our 3 chooks, Little Red, Whitey and Blackie.

Having inherited my mother’s weak digestive system, for as long as I can remember I have been interested in food and the effect it has on my body. Consequently I have experimented with numerous diets and ways of eating.

I have become passionate about fermentation and enjoy spending many hours in my kitchen experimenting with different methods of culturing vegetables, fruit, dairy, grains and seeds.

I get my inspiration from the Western A Price diet and the basic principles and research of Sally Fallon. I find Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas pioneers in the field of real live food, and I am fascinated by the healing power of sprouts, fermented seeds and grains. Victoria Boutenko introduced me to green smoothies and the modern day concept of Raw Food.

I have been using fermented and cultured foods such as Yogurt, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Fermented Beverages and Sourdough Bread in my diet for many years

I find that Lacto-fermented and cultured food really nurtures my body and keeps my health in a steady state of balance. We are all individuals and it is important to listen to our bodies where diet is concerned

I get a real buzz from watching the microorganisms transform the foods during the fermentation process.
I am fascinated with traditional food preparation techniques from around the world and my kitchen holds a bounty of colourful and flavoursome delights. I love experimenting with new ways of food combining and have great fun with my food dehydrator and Vitamix.

My interest in ‘food as medicine’ aligned well with Anni’s healing strategy so we started collaborating. We were so thrilled with the health benefits that we were experiencing plus the delicious tastes and diversity of recipes that we started teaching the techniques, wishing to pass-on this amazing lost art and encourage others to enhance their health naturally.

The desire to make a difference and share our passion led to the production of the DVD ‘Fabulous Food Ferments’. The DVD was designed to show everyone how fast, easy and inexpensive it is to make delicious, healthy fermented fruits, vegetables and beverages, using fresh local produce and utensils commonly found in most kitchens.

Filmed in our hometown of Maleny, Queensland, in my country-style kitchen, ‘Fabulous Food Ferments’ is a non-pretentious, earnest and down to earth production.

I enjoy teaching ‘Creative Art as a Healing Therapy’, practicing the Feldenkreis method of body awareness, plus volunteering with local community groups. I have a strong desire to share my knowledge with others. I do this on my blog site and “Fabulous Food Ferments” pages on face book.

All of this completes a pretty full life…………